Ages: 6 weeks – 12-14 months

Staff to Child Ratio: 1–4

The infant room staff strive to create a warm and welcoming environment. Our staff is patient, kind, and caring. They take time to create the bonds that make the children in their care feel safe and loved. Babies grow and change so much during their first year. The staff members establish caring relationships with your child as they learn about their bodies and their world. We want to make the transitions in your baby’s life as smooth as possible. We partner with families to make the initial change from home to childcare feel comfortable and natural. We also assist families in coming up with a schedule that works well at home as well as in a group setting. The infant room teachers are chosen due to their love of infants and commitment to families. 


  • Encourage positive interactions between children
  • Provide a nurturing environment where the children can grow & learn
  • Provide stimulating activities that promote social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth
  • Every infant develops at their own pace. The staff recognizes this and strives to provide individualized care that supports each child’s needs.


Ages: 12 – 24 months

Staff to Child Ratio: 1–4

The children of the toddler room are seeking a bit of independence for the first time. This room is especially set up to encourage children to venture out and find new skills. We encourage toddlers first words, first signs ( ASL), and much more. We provide lots of sensory experiences and lots of opportunities to play near, if not yet with, other children. Our staff provides children with opportunities for positive interactions among their peers as well as adults.


  • Group Story and music times give the children opportunities to learn and interreact in large group settings
  • Educational toys are provided and allow children to play in small groups or individually
  • Sensory play and art allow for self-expression


Ages: 18 months – 2 years

Staff to Child Ratio: 1–4 / 1–7

Teachers will provide children with stimulating activities throughout the day in large & small group settings. They provide many opportunities and choices for the children to be engaged at all skill levels. The focus in the two year old room include: working on communication skills, toilet training, social skills, self help skills like being independent, and promoting play together successfully. Short stories and music time are also scheduled daily for this age group. 


  • Staff engage with the children in conversation and play
  • Introductions to new verbal skills, social skills, and emotional skills
  • Older children become role-models for those entering the room, which proves beneficial to all ages and stages


 Ages: 2 1/2 – 3 years

Staff to Child Ratio: 1-7 / 1-10

This room’s focus is on social awareness and self-help skills. Play is a big part of learning at this age. Teachers plan themes and activities that are age appropriate and expand development through play. Children will work on gross and fine motor skills as well as name recognition. These children are continuing to learn social skills, self-help skills, and building vocabularies. They are introduced to pre-reading and writing skills with opportunities daily to draw, color, and write.  Their attention spans are becoming longer, so group time with stories, discussions, and/or music are schedule daily. Three-year olds learn much during play, and center time is set up with this in mind.


  • Structured routines and schedules help children adjust
  • Opportunities for free play as well as structured centers
  • Large group and music/movement
  • Opportunities to become more self sufficient (dressing themselves, putting shoes on, attempting to to zip)


Mixed Age Preschool

Ages: 3 – 4 years

Staff to Child Ratio: 1-10 / 1-12

Teachers in this Room continue to build a child’s social and self-help skills. The children will gain confidence in their communication and listening abilities. This classroom is designed to meet the needs of children who do not meet the age requirement of our Pre-K program (4 years old by Sept. 15th), but their skill levels are more advanced. During their time in this classroom children continue developing their social, self-help, and literacy skills. Having group discussions and large group projects helps children develop the skills to learn in a group setting. 


  • Group discussion teaches social and listening skills as well as the ability to take turns
  • Beginning stages of learning to write and recognize their name, numbers, and letters
  • Opportunities to experiment and be create through play


Ages: 4-year-old

Staff to Child Ratio: 1-12

Our Preschool program is designed to get children ready for Kindergarten. The program participates in the State Wide Voluntary Preschool Program and as a part of this certain learning aspects are met throughout the year. Teachers not only focus on the academics, but on the social-emotional aspects as well. The children learn skills that will help them be successful in Kindergarten and beyond. This program uses creative curriculum and is aligned with the Iowa Early Learning Standards. Children must be four years old on or before September 15th. We offer a morning session or afternoon session accompanied with all day care. Children gain the skills they will need to be successful in the future. Student assessments will be done using GOLD and creative curriculum. Information gained from these assessments will be shared with parents/guardians and kept confidential. 


  • Strengthen letter,  number, name, color, and shape recognition 
  • Working on strengthening their independence 
  • Provided with tools to help regulate emotions and use words to express themselves

School Age 

Ages: Kindergarten – 4th Grade

Staff to Child Ratio: 1-15

WCCP offers Before & After School Care during the school year and all-day care for no school days, as well as summer months. Children in this program can utilize their independence while taking responsibility for themselves, their possessions, and their surroundings. Before school care is provided at the center and includes breakfast for those children arriving between 7-7:15 a.m. Waverly-Shell Rock Community School provides bussing from the center to local elementary schools. After school care is provided here at the center from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., for kindergarten to 4th grade. Bussing is provided by Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools from Carey, Southeast, Shell Rock and St. Paul Elementary schools. A teacher will meet children at West Cedar Elementary and walk them back to the center. Care will be provided for no school, early out, and late start days due to inclement weather. Activities are planned for summer care to keep children engaged. Children have opportunities for free play as well as structured activities such as reading, STEM projects, and arts and crafts. Trips to the Waverly Public Library and local parks are taken on a regular basis.   


To inquire about enrollment, please contact the center via phone or email.

Phone:  319-352-4664