Infant Room

Babies grow and change so much during their first year. Our staff members work to establish caring relationships with your child as they learn about their bodies and the world. We partner with families to make transitions as easy as possible. Our staff work with families find a schedule that works well at home as well as at the center.

Brown Room

The focuses in this room include working on communication skills, social skills, toilet training, self-help skills (such as using silverware, dressing themselves), and promoting playing together successfully. Music and stories, outdoor play, and making messes are favorites in this classroom.

Red Room

This program is specially designed for those children who will just miss the cut off of September 15th or have the ability to be leaders in a combined age classroom. The classroom focuses on learning through experimentation and creativity, name/number/letter recognition, beginning states of writing, listening skills, and more self-help skills.

Toddler Room

The children of the toddler room begin to seek a bit of independence for the first time. This room is set up to encourage children to explore and find these new skills. We provide lots of sensory experiences (using small and large motor skills), books, music, outdoor play while encouraging first steps, first signs, first words, and much more.

Green Room

These children are continuing to learn social skills, self-help skills, and building vocabularies. They are introduced to pre-reading and writing skills with opportunities daily to draw, color, and write. Three-year-olds learn much during play, and center time is set up with this in mind.

Blue Room

Both the morning and afternoon preschool classes focus on getting children ready for kindergarten in the fall. The children will learn a variety of skills, from continuing with social skills to learning to write their names and letter sound recognition. A grant from the Iowa Department of Education reduces fees for children who attend at least 10 hours a week. Children must be 4 by September 15th to be eligible.

Before School Care/After School Connection

Before school care is provided at the Center and includes breakfast for those children arriving by 7am. The WSR Community Schools provide busing from Waverly Child Care and Preschool to local elementary schools.

After school care is provided by WCCP employees at West Cedar Elementary school from 3-5:15 pm for children in grades K-4th grade. Children are bused by WSR Schools from other attendance sites to West Cedar Elementary’s multi-purpose room when school lets out. Following a welcome, children are fed snack and are able to play both indoors and outdoors. Children arrive back at the center around 5:15 pm. Arrangements may also be made for care on no school days and early dismissals.