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Job Title:  Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors of the Waverly Child Care and Preschool

Status: Full Time, Salaried position


The Executive Director shall oversee all Waverly Child Care and Preschool (WCCP) operations. This oversight includes: the work of all administrative, teaching, and support staff; compliance with all certification and licensing requirements; the enrollment process; the hiring process; the well-being of children and families; the purchasing of all equipment, classroom supplies, and materials; the maintenance of all personnel files related to performance and annual reviews.


Requirements: Either a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education or equivalent degree along with five years of supervisory and administrative experience; or a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or equivalent degree along with 10 years of supervisory and administrative experience.  Must meet the Iowa Department of Human Services qualifications for a child care center director.

The Executive Director position requires excellent communication and organizational skills, the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality, self-motivation, understanding of the complexities of a large childcare program, management skills to guide the program in a fiscally responsible manner, strong team building skills, basic knowledge of marketing and website development and maintenance, and willingness to attend community events as appropriate.  In addition, the Executive Director must be able to effectively lead others, manage ones’ time and the time of others, and prioritize activities.


 Program Administration and Operations

  • Serve as a liaison between the WCCP Board, the WCCP staff, and WCCP families
  • At a minimum of two days prior to each monthly board meeting, provide a written report to the Board which includes program information, enrollment figures, operations and maintenance updates, community engagement activities, and financial data
  • Maintain and monitor policies and procedures for daily operation, including all compliance requirements for state certification/licensing
  • Oversee the budget and all purchasing; set childcare fees and set staff compensation/raises with input and approval from the Board of Directors
  • Assume responsibility for posting positions, interviewing, and hiring as many staff members as are required to support enrollment, according to licensing requirements for child/staff ratios
  • Make daily adjustments in teaching staff numbers as attendance patterns dictate, maintaining appropriate child/staff ratios
  • Plan and implement a school year calendar for families and staff, in coordination with the local school system
  • Maintain membership in NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and IAEYC (Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children)
  • Attend annual in-service training meetings for Directors of Early Childhood Programs, preferably hosted by NAEYC or IAEYC

Staff Development and Supervision

  • Recruit and manage a pool of substitute teachers and develop a manual for substitute teaching processes
  • Oversee a process of orientation and guidance with new staff members during the probationary period, providing clearly stated expectations and goals as well as timely reviews of progress within the first 90 days of employment
  • Maintain a staff handbook of rights, responsibilities, and expectations, reviewing and revising as necessary and appropriate at least annually
  • Assume responsibility and implement strategies for staff retention
  • Encourage, support, and provide opportunities for team building and collaborating
  • Assign responsibilities and supervise administrative staff in the areas of facility operations and maintenance
  • Supervise and oversee the daily work of the Controller and business office staff, conduct an annual evaluation for each person, collaboratively set goals for each, and review progress toward those goals
  • Oversee the staff technology specialist and the maintenance of the WCCP website, ensuring that information is always clear and timely, and that the website improves as new and appropriate technology becomes available
  • Lead, at a minimum, monthly meetings with administrative staff to review WCCP processes, as necessary and appropriate
  • Monitor and supervise teacher compliance with all training required in WCCP’s licensing agreement
  • Develop and maintain an annual work calendar for teachers, making appropriate classroom assignments
  • Support teachers by providing assistance in any emergency situation that may occur in their classrooms or at the center
  • Lead, at a minimum, quarterly meetings with all staff
  • Annually, at a minimum, offer all staff members an annual opportunity to respond to a survey which requests information regarding job satisfaction, ideas for areas of improvement, and plans to sustain positive progress at WCCP. Use this information to implement future strategies
  • Assume responsibility for dismissing or suspending staff members who do not meet the goals and expectations of their positions, or who behave in an unprofessional manner which harms the culture of the program or well-being of students and families

Program and Curriculum Development

  • Offer and support staff planning time devoted specifically to curriculum expansion and development
  • Provide and supervise regular opportunities for planning sessions, workdays, and in-service training on relevant topics
  • Offer teachers an opportunity to engage in professional development by attending conferences and training sessions outside of WCCP, with the cost to be covered by WCCP given proper prior approval was obtained
  • Lead, at a minimum, monthly meetings to review certification requirements and address other information pertinent to their work with children and families, using other outside resources and meeting presenters, as appropriate.
  • Make regular visits to classrooms, ensuring that they comply with appropriate licensing standards and that the daily curriculum follows best practice standards of excellent care and education for children
  • Devote meeting time to learning more about developmental assessments of children and support teachers in their efforts to assess each child
  • Support and guide teachers as they seek to find outside developmental support or therapy for children, as appropriate
  • Make all the materials from professional organizations available to teaching staff as a resource library of information they can access easily at the center, understanding that NAEYC and IAEYC advocate, promote, and guide best practice in the field of early childhood education
  • Engage a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) to assess and certify playground safety each year

Child and Family Outreach

  • Develop opportunities to promote WCCP to potential families and the community, participating in community engagement as appropriate
  • Plan, guide, and participate in an enrollment plan which offers families tours of WCCP and opportunities to ask questions before enrolling their children. Provide virtual options for families who need them or as required by the center as part of safety precautions during unforeseen circumstances
  • Supervise and direct procedures for registration and enrollment of students with the goal of accepting as many children as our licensing allow
  • Assume responsibility and implement strategies for student retention
  • Commit time and presence each day to receiving families warmly and getting to know them and their children as well as possible
  • Use daily observations of children in ways that assist and support staff in their assessments, and support families in their understandings of their children
  • Supervise staff in planning regular conferences for families and children, during which they share their observations and records/evaluations of developmental processes; support staff by joining these conferences and making recommendations, when necessary
  • Support and guide families as they seek outside developmental support or therapy for children as needed
  • Offer families an annual survey and the opportunity to respond to questions about their satisfaction with the programs, curriculum, and daily practices/routines at WCCP; document these responses and use them to guide future planning


Communicate verbally in person and by phone and by written means, typing, visual acuity, and eye/hand coordination.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person assigned to this position. This position description does not state or imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any other job-related duties requested by Board of Directors of the Waverly Child Care and Preschool.

Waverly Child Care and Preschool is an Equal Opportunity Employer of Minorities/Females/Veterans/Disabled and other protected categories.

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